New International Standards for Purifiers

New International Standards for Purifiers

Haze is angry, and China has become the center of the most unbearable harm. When people “talk about haze only”, air purifiers are health guardians, helping people reduce the protection of formaldehyde, PM2.5, and other physical violations, especially for the elderly and children with hematoma, patients and other groups.

This is also the result of a huge market, profitability, industry rules, a large number of low-quality Shanzhai products on the market, blind expansion and market turmoil. For consumers, the new national standards provide more intuitive procurement standards closer to actual needs.

New national standards, high CADR value (producing clean air in one hour, faster cleaning, better), high CCM value (cumulative weight purifying pollutants directly affect the energy efficiency of the filter for how long (can provide more power) and low noise level (maximum clean air volume, sound generated by normal operation of the machine), “3 high, 1 low” purchase of air purifier will be a standard. Skill.

CADR value is the most direct reflection of the cleaning rate, which is one of the core indicators of the purification effect. As you can see from a simple rating, the only indicator of the formaldehyde CADR market is that many popular new products do not meet GB standards, so this is a long way to change the air purifier, which has become a market leader, because it leads OLANS or industry to lead the high-quality market.

CCM pays more attention to the value of continuous purification capacity, which shows that when the cumulative amount of pollution is purified by new machines, the CADR of air purifier is reduced to 50%. Simply put, this means that you can really help us clean up a lot of air pollution in the corresponding parts of the life cycle of air purifier filters. After the implementation of the new national standards, it will reflect the low value of CCM and help to phase out the unqualified products in the market before the design defects of filters or lack of products.

Noise is a key issue that Skynet purchases may be overlooked, and some customers usually do not support unreliable businesses. However, in terms of noise, non-standard products will seriously affect the quality of life. New low-noise national standards, some professional empty networks can not leave the market, and the industry can not regulate the ecosystem.

The hottest small household appliances in recent years can be said to be one of the air purifiers, to provide industry access standards for the new national standards of the air purifier industry, in the past, the industry can avoid speculation, false propaganda concepts, bloated confusion. At the government level, we should not only promote environmental energy consumption but also support the transformation of environmental energy production and force the trend of the household appliances industry. Manufacturers pay attention to technological innovation, and the quality of products is likely to improve.

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