More Energy-saving Air Purifier

More Energy-saving Air Purifier

Air purifiers are accepted by consumers. Experts recommend that air purifiers run 24 hours. Power supply seems to be a problem to ensure air quality and save energy.

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Even in the process of air purifier, it can save energy very easily, just like hiding between you and me in our daily life. Little by little.

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Today, Xiaobian will teach you recipes, energy-saving techniques for air purifiers.


Proper placement of air purifiers can promote good indoor air circulation and improve the quality of indoor air, so the air purifier will not be close to the wall, especially the inlet on the back of the product.

Tip 2

Closed-door and window air purifiers are used in relatively closed environments. Closing doors or windows can effectively prevent external pollutants from entering the interior and maintain the quality of indoor air.

Tip 3

The filter is the core of the air purifier. There are a lot of pollutants in the air to be absorbed and filtered. The effectiveness of the filter is reduced. Regular replacement of the filter in time to maintain the purifying efficiency of the air purifier can achieve the purpose of energy-saving.

Tip 4

The purifier with the highest purification efficiency under the windshield is the highest, but it is also the most energy-consuming. When entering the room, you can open the largest windshield of the air purifier. Once it reaches the optimal level of indoor air pollutants, it can quickly drop by 30-60 minutes. The air purifier rotates small files to maintain indoor air quality.

Tip 5

At present, we mainly focus on PM2.5 polluting particulate matter from outside, so according to the outdoor air quality of outdoor and window ventilation, air purifiers can prevent airflow adjustment, and can also achieve the energy-saving effect.

Tip 6

By purchasing the air purifier, the main parameters of the amount of clean air particulate matter in the air purifier can be selected according to the actual use of space. The most suitable simple calculation method for products is room size = clean air volume of particulate matter / 10.

Tip 7

The air purifier can remove particulate PM2.5, remove the decoration of indoor pollution selected according to the actual needs of the target product, and significantly improve the removal of indoor pollution. You can also, in particular, achieve ideal indoor air quality.

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