Hydrogen-rich bath, a different experience

Hydrogen-rich bath, a different experience

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Olansi hydrogen-rich scrubber
1. Hydrogen-rich conditioner, fast hydrogen production, visible to the naked eye
2. Hydrogen production for 2 minutes, high hydrogen content
3. Soft silicone particles on the bottom for clean pores
4. High frequency vibration massage to drive muscles to exercise
5. Built-in healthy magnet, forming a three-dimensional spiral closed back
Road magnetic field
6. Orange, blue and green light, cycle gradient during electrolysis
7. Fully charged, the machine can work continuously for 1 hour
8. Multi-purpose machine
1. Put in the bathtub for bathing
2. Put it in the washbasin to wash your face
3. Put in a bowl, homemade water mask
4. Put it into the foot basin to soak the feet
9. Soak in water, safely produce hydrogen
10. Wireless charging, free to charge as soon as you put it

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