One button ‘hydrogen’ new, seeing the original beauty of the skin

One button ‘hydrogen’ new, seeing the original beauty of the skin

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Olansi hydrogen rich water meter
1. Hydrogen-rich skin sprayer, rapid hydrogen production, deep hydration
2. Hydrogen production for 2 minutes, hydrogen content up to 1000ppb or more
3. Atomized spray head, powerful spray, fast hydration
4. Small molecule water, easy to absorb
5. Negative potential water, high solubility, strong penetration
6. Titanium Platinum Electrolytic Sheet, long life and high stability
7. See through the hole and see the status of the electrolysis
8. Material ABS, healthy material does not contain BPA
9. Simple and stylish appearance, refined
10. Portable and easy to use, replenish energy to the skin anytime, anywhere
11. Pack 15ml of water, apply at least 20 times on a single charge
12. IPX6 waterproof, not afraid of water splashing

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