Stay up all night, save tired skin

Stay up all night, save tired skin

radio frequency aesthetic equipment,3 in 1 beauty instrument,rf & ems beauty instrument

Olansi RF Beauty Equipment
1. RF-red light mode
LED lights in RF LED mode are not exposed to the eyelids
Please close it when using it around your eyes.
2. EMS mode
Please close your eyes when using the care.
3. Ice blue light mode
Repeat the snuggle-release-move three steps in the face
Line care can be used around the face and eyes.
4. Equipped with fullerene gel, smeared before treatment
Glue, smoother care
5. 3 RF RF gear positions, 3 EMS micro current gear positions,
1 ice stall
6. Built-in UV-C ultraviolet germicidal lamp on the charging base
7. 4.5 grade waterproof, bath can also be used

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