Is the air purifier useful? Thousands of blocks and nearly 10,000 PM2.5 removal effect is amazing

Is the air purifier useful? Thousands of blocks and nearly 10,000 PM2.5 removal effect is amazing

The Ningbo market supervision department purchased different brands of best large room air purifiers and conducted a one-month comparative test. The experimental brand covers 20 batches of first-line brands currently sold in the domestic market, including domestic products of less than 1,000 yuan, and foreign brands with prices of nearly 10,000. Experiments show that in terms of PM2.5 purification, these brands with huge price differences actually have similar effects.

Detection method

In the PM2.5 test, the clean air volume (CADR) is the core performance indicator, which is also indicated in the best large room air purifier for pets.

Among the 20 batches of samples in this test, the measured CADR values ​​of 14 products all reached the nominal value (according to the national standard, the measured CADR value reached 90% of the nominal value and reached the nominal value), and the effect was ideal.

An air purifier removes PM2.5 effect
It is the most concerned by many families.
A lot of publicity “removal rate is greater than 99%”
Can it really be done?

Experimental result
Most products have a PM2.5 removal rate of over 99%

△ Different brands PM2.5 removal rate (data from Ningbo City Market Supervision Bureau)

Experiments show that after 20 minutes of sample opening, the purification effect of PM2.5 is quite different. However, after one hour of opening, the PM2.5 purification effect is basically close. Among the 20 samples, except for the “Bigda” brand, the PM2.5 purification efficiency was 91.83%, and the rest of the brand purification efficiency exceeded 99%.
Use reminder
The particulate removal ability of the air purifier is not necessarily related to the price. For example, although the price of millet is low, the removal rate of PM2.5 is similar to that of other brands.

The PM2.5 problem that everyone cares about is solved.
Morning News can breathe freely
Is that effective in removing formaldehyde and removing bacteria?

Most air purifier manufacturers will rush to promote “de-formaldehyde”, “toluene”, “sterilization” and other functions, are these effects really exist?

In the market, not all air purifiers have this function. In the 20 batches of samples purchased in this consumer experience, there are 11 batches of air purifiers that purify the gaseous pollutants, accounting for 55%.

Taking formaldehyde as an example, after one hour of starting work, the formaldehyde purification rate of these 11 batches of products exceeded 80%. Among them, the purification rate of the three brands of Lake, Sharp, and Huiqing exceeded 95%.

In terms of sterilization, this experiment used Staphylococcus aureus as the target bacteria to detect the sterilization rate after opening the air purifier for 1 hour in the 30 cubic meters of experimental space. In the 20 batches, the sterilization rate marked with the sterilization function reached 99%.

Use reminder
The tester said that if the filter is only filtered and not specially treated to inhibit microbial growth, it will intercept the microorganisms without killing, and there may be microbial growth and secondary pollution, so in use, it should be timely Replace the filter.

Consumption reminder
An air purifier is not as expensive as possible

At present, there are various air purifiers on the market. What should you pay attention to when purchasing and using air purifiers? Air purifiers are not as expensive as possible, but you have to choose the one that suits you.

△The difference in performance and use cost of different brand air purifiers in the same price range

1. If there are no allergic people in the family, such as the elderly, children, patients with chronic respiratory diseases, allergies, etc., there is basically no need to buy; if you need to buy, you should also look at the main use, whether it is used to treat PM2.5 or to remove formaldehyde. Contaminants.

2. In order to achieve better purification effect, in the case of poor outdoor air quality, the air purifier should be used to minimize the opening of the window to reduce the introduction of new pollutants; if the room is too large, the CADR of the air purifier may not be sufficient. The interior forms an air circulation.

3. In order to ensure the purification effect, it is necessary to replace the corresponding filter materials in time to avoid secondary pollution caused by the pollution of excessive filter media.

4. The formaldehyde contained in the decoration materials or furniture is in a state of continuous release, and the release time can be up to several years. It is recommended to use the air purifier and open window to change the gas phase or try to choose relatively environmentally friendly. Decoration materials and furniture.

5. The function of the air purifier is to purify the indoor air. It does not have the function of oxygen production. Long-term use in a relatively confined space will result in low oxygen content in the environment and affect human health. Long-term use of air purifiers should pay attention to timely window ventilation.

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