Is the home air bad? Pay attention to these points to improve air quality immediately!

Is the home air bad? Pay attention to these points to improve air quality immediately!

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Nowadays, the air quality around the world is relatively poor. People are paying attention to this problem and the harm to air pollution is becoming more and more clear. Many people think that even if the outdoor air is worse, as long as the door and window are closed, it is at least clean. But the air in the home is sometimes worse than the outdoor one.

The main reason for poor indoor air quality:

  1. When the indoor ventilation is insufficient, excessive humidity or warmth, mold will slowly grow, and other harmful substances will be more volatile.
  2. The smoke generated by various appliances will pollute the air, especially not indoors!
  3. Volatile organic compounds, detergents, paints, glues, various building materials or harmful compounds produced by printers, etc.
  4. In a hot or cold closed air, the air quality will slowly deteriorate.
  5. Usually have some bad habits, do not clean and other daily activities.

The above 5 points are the main cause of indoor air pollution. Most people spend indoors every day. This invisible damage affects our body every day. The long-term environment with poor air quality may cause some Unexpected harm. In fact, as long as you pay more attention to daily life, you can greatly improve the air quality. You can also put some plants in your home and slowly improve the environment. If you want to quickly improve the air quality in your home, the most direct way is to install an air purifier. The advantage is that it can be effective and maintain high air quality for a long time.

The problem of air quality is a long-term and serious problem. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, it needs everyone to improve together.

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