Market Status and Future Development Analysis of Air Purifier

Market Status and Future Development Analysis of Air Purifier

Recently, the New York Times and the famous medical journal Stroke Magazine published an article pointing out that air pollution accelerates brain aging. The New York Times used Keck Medical School to investigate the University of Southern California. Two basic scientific papers pointed out that air pollution damages the brain and increases the risk of stroke and brain atrophy.

For each 3.49 g increase, the white matter of accumulated pollutants per cubic centimeter decreased by 6.23 cubic centimeters. This is equivalent to one to two years of brain aging. California Keck School of Medicine mentions that atmospheric particulate matter in the natural environment of neurotoxins is used in the brains of older people. The director of the stroke at Mount Sinai Hospital quoted Sam Di Gandhi of the Cognitive Health Center. Studies have shown that air pollution and chronic inflammatory diseases (such as tuberculosis), diabetes and brain diseases are the most serious air pollution in Mexico City, dementia caused by brain damage, and even adolescent dementia.

In recent years, with regard to air pollution, many residents in Chinese cities, especially those in top cities, tremble with fear. But not only in autumn and winter but also in hot summer, when air conditioning uses air conditioning, the air pollution is very hot and the ventilation time is reduced. This will be how the indoor air pollution index in hot summer improves the household micro-environment. Many families choose air purifiers to breathe fresh air.

The OLANS air purifier is worth possessing in order to improve air quality and avoid air pollution caused by various diseases.

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