Why do some people think that air purifiers are useless?

Why do some people think that air purifiers are useless?

Many people believe that consumers who first used air purifiers are doubtful.

An air purifier is a method of filtering harmful substances air and making polluted air a clean and healthy instrument. Air, air must be purified, the interaction must ensure that it does not occur outside the air, otherwise it will lead to reduced purification effect.

Of course, for most consumers, in the open-air purifier, the usual practice is to close all doors and windows as needed, not just because “the effect of air purifier is really so”. It stems from the misunderstanding of air purifiers and their products.

Although many people think that the air behind the air purifier is not “fresh” and “natural” feeling, the air purifier may be ineffective, but this is only the biggest misunderstanding. This is people’s air purifier. The contaminated indoor air is inhaled through a barrel filter, and the treated air pollutants are then released into the indoor air pollutants. In this process, the air purifier only removes harmful air pollutants, air will not change its composition, so there is no “fresh” and “natural” feeling.

In addition to the misunderstanding of the product itself, some errors are also an important reason for the poor performance of the air purifier. For example, when the outlet of the air filter is too close to the wall, the air fluidity is poor, and the air purifier machine works limited. Scope brings the illusion that the air purifier is ineffective. In addition, considering energy saving, many people often fail to achieve maximum airflow transfer, but this is usually the correct way for air to not reach the purifier. The air purifier is placed in the center of the room, working for the maximum amount of windshield behind a small amount of windshield, keeping for 30 to 60 minutes, in order to maximize the purifying effect, this is the use of machines. Air cleaner.

Bacterial contamination is used to remove formaldehyde products because indoor formaldehyde pollution is used for particulate matter-based air purifiers, indoor or bacterial purification. When choosing air purifiers, it is necessary to clarify the main purpose of purifying pollutants according to purchasing needs.

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