Tips on Air Purifiers

Tips on Air Purifiers


Air purifiers are now very popular. People who publicize large-scale and dazzling products don’t know how to choose them. But air purifiers are powerful, but they are not a failed TV refrigerator for ordinary people in the same family. The air purifier is still blurred.

Does the air purifier need to start with the term PM 2.5? This is a kind of particulate matter called PM2.5 particulate matter. Indoor PM2.5 is the main source of PM2.5, in which particulate matter is larger than 2.5 microns, also known as PM2.5. Entering the lungs is known as sidestream smoke, which is used in PM2.5 outdoor vehicle exhaust and industry as the main source of exhaust gas. In addition, PM2.5 is one of the main reasons for recent worries.

Restore vitality, promote human metabolism, reduce fatigue, increase resistance and so on.

The first is a single active purification, which will spread through the function of every corner of the room, actively purify and purify, release factors. At present, the main elements of air purification sterilization and sterilization technology in the market are silver ion technology, negative ion technology, low-temperature plasma technology, photocatalytic technology and plasma cluster ion technology, but because of the purification efficiency and vulnerability to airflow. There are fewer purifiers on the market.

Another kind of dual purification technology and active purification technology, such as the perfect combination of passive purification, achieves high efficiency and high-quality purification effect, but the cost is higher and the technology is more difficult.

In addition to the demand for clean air in modern automobiles, air quality is becoming more and more important, now known as more air purifiers, car air purifiers, car air purifiers. Air purifier pollution such as car air, toxic gases in the air, bacteria, viruses and so on. The work of automobile purifier is similar to that of automobiles and households, but to improve the efficiency of purification, it is generally cleaner than an automobile in two modes (active + passive) purification.

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