Must I use an air purifier in a newly renovated house?

Must I use an air purifier in a newly renovated house?

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When the house is just renovated, we will have a common practice, that is, in addition to formaldehyde. Even if it is not for the removal of formaldehyde, we will use various methods to improve the indoor air quality. There are many methods on the Internet, and we will use them one by one, including the purifier. However, because its price is not low, some people will also ask if there is any need to buy.

So the newly renovated house is going to use this product? On the Internet, the answer to this question is to develop in two ways. Some people think that it is not necessary, just pay attention to ventilation. However, some people say that it is very necessary. Thousands of dollars are bought for a peace of mind, a health, not to be lost because of small.

Experts also have different opinions on this. Some experts have answered that whether this product is needed or not depends on the air quality in the house. When the quality is very bad, it is naturally used. And when the quality of the house is good, then everyone can use it selectively or not.

During the renovation, some people will use high-quality decoration materials because they are worried about the late formaldehyde problem. Then, after the house is renovated, the indoor air quality will not be particularly bad. In general, quality problems can be improved by ventilation. However, if the materials are not good enough, the quality will be worrying.

However, in principle, the quality of most newly renovated houses is not too high. Therefore, in terms of health, it is very necessary to purchase a purifier. Let’s take a quick look at what kind of role this home appliance has played. After reading it, you know that it is a good decision.


The dust in the air is not too clear to the naked eye, so most of them ignore their existence. In fact, when the house is not cleaned for a long time, its harm is revealed, and the new house is the same. In other words, when we are in these places, we inhale them into the body every day.

The purifier can suck them away, thereby improving the air quality in the room. The dust is sucked away by it, then we suck less.


There is no doubt that the purifier can absorb formaldehyde. And its harm, I think everyone knows. Especially in the newly renovated house, this harmful substance is the most. Regardless of whether there is a taste in the room, Xiaobian can tell you with certainty that formaldehyde is present. There are only some that have no taste, so you can’t smell it.


Bacteria are also an invisible thing, so they are often overlooked by us. In fact, there are children in the family, or there are old people, bacteria are the easiest to stick out their claws. Why do some children have frequent coughs? In fact, this is inseparable from the quality of the indoor environment. The purifier removes bacteria and reduces bacteria so that it does not harm the respiratory tract.

In addition, the air purifier can filter and adsorb other harmful substances in the air. And these harmful objects have the greatest chance in the new house. Therefore, from a health point of view, it is necessary to install a new house in a newly renovated house, and the effect is obvious. I hope everyone can refer to it!

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