Why use an air purifier?

Why use an air purifier?

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Many people don’t know that about 68% of human diseases are related to air pollution.

We breathe about 20 times a minute, breathing 28,800 times a day, and breathing more than 10,000,000 times a year. Therefore, it is very important to keep the surrounding air fresh for health.

However, at present, indoor air has been polluted to varying degrees. According to the survey, more than 300 kinds of pollutants can be detected indoors. What is even more unexpected is that the indoor air that we breathe may be contaminated by outdoor air. Double! The harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia in indoor air can induce more than 30 kinds of diseases such as anemia, leukemia, respiratory, digestive system and cancer. Indoor air pollution hazards have become a problem that cannot be ignored by every family.

According to the 2016 China Air Purifier Industry Report, modern people have begun to realize the dangers of indoor air pollution and are paying more and more attention to whether the indoor environment in which they live is healthy. The survey found that air purifiers have become the main products of the small household appliance consumer market. The air purifier is a new type of household appliance that has the functions of automatically selecting smoke, filtering out dust particles, eliminating odor, removing formaldehyde and eliminating bacterial viruses.

The enthusiasm of the OLANSI air purifier in the market is enough to show that the air purifier has become a healthy choice for many units and households to eliminate harmful substances in the air. It has been proved that the clean air purifier has a remarkable effect in filtering dust particles and purifying air. The importance of breathing fresh and healthy air is self-evident, and research has shown that the following people in particular need air purifiers.

1.pregnant women, children. Pregnant women and children have a weak immune system and are vulnerable to air pollution. Pregnant women not only feel general malaise, but also have adverse effects on fetal development; children develop stunting, induce blood type diseases, increase the incidence of asthma, and reduce intelligence.

2.Sub-health people. Sub-health people have weaker self-resistance, limited body conditioning, and are highly likely to be infected by various types of viruses. Indoor dirty air often causes nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, dry throat, sore throat, and even dizziness. symptom.

3.Interior decoration. The hazardous substances produced by interior decoration are mainly formaldehyde, benzene and benzene. Prolonged exposure to these carcinogenic and teratogenic substances can cause respiratory illnesses and menstrual disorders, leukemia, decreased memory and intelligence in adolescents.

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