Popular science knowledge: What is the relationship between PM2.5 and smog?

Popular science knowledge: What is the relationship between PM2.5 and smog?

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Since the emergence of the words PM2.5 and smog, they have appeared frequently in our lives. Speaking of these two words, I am sure that many people will misunderstand that PM2.5 is a haze. In fact, the two are not brother relationships, but contain relationships. To figure out what is PM2.5 and what is smog, what is the relationship between the two, we must first define two concepts.

PM2.5 is also known as fine particles, PM is the abbreviation of English Particulatematter particles, 2.5 refers to the diameter, and PM2.5 refers to the particles with aerodynamic equivalent diameter of 2.5 microns or less in ambient air. Suspended in the air, it is easily inhaled into the lungs by humans or animals. Although PM2.5 is a component with little content in the earth’s atmospheric composition, its hazard is quite large. Particles below PM2.5 can enter the bronchioles and alveoli along the human nose and throat. Because of their small diameter, they can enter the human lung almost without any hindrance. Not only that, but these particles can also enter the capillaries through the alveolar wall, and then enter the entire blood circulation system, causing damage to the cardiovascular system. PM2.5 also has the following characteristics, small particle size, large activity, large area, easy to attach toxic and harmful substances, can stay in the atmosphere for a long time, and the transport distance is far.

Smog is a combination of fog and sputum, but it is essentially different from fog. Fog means that when the air is stable, the relative humidity reaches 100%, and the water vapor in the air condenses into fine water droplets suspended in the air, which is essentially water. Helium refers to tiny particles in the air, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, etc., which are essentially solid particles. The smog will not only reduce the visibility, but also cause harm to the body. The tiny particles in the smog will cause respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, bacterial diseases, and even increase the cancer rate. Not only that, but smog will also affect people’s psychology. Sunny weather will have a positive impact, making people more optimistic, and smoggy weather will make people feel depressed. Foreigners have already done research on this, and believe that suicide has a clear relationship with the peak of particulate pollution in the air.

Many news use PM2.5 as a synonym for smog. In fact, the two are not equal, but contain relationships. PM2.5 is the main component of smog and is the biggest part of the hazard to the human body. When the PM2.5 is excessive, it will easily lead to smog weather, and the haze will intensify the condensation of PM2.5. When the haze weather occurs, the water droplets in the air become an ideal place for PM2.5 formation. The sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides in the air will chemically react to form PM2.5 particles.

At present, more and more people are using masks to prevent PM2.5, so can masks really prevent PM2.5? In fact, most of us wear masks that don’t protect against PM2.5. After investigation, most masks have a real filtration efficiency that is lower than their promotional filtration efficiency. You must pay attention when you buy a mask. Some masks look good but not necessarily applicable. Some expensive ones are not as good as medical masks.

How can it prevent smog? Xiaobian can only tell you a few ways that are not applicable but effective. 1. Smoggy weather, reduce the exit, if you must go out, try to avoid congested sections. 2. The haze weather reduces smoking, because the smoke will produce a lot of particulate matter in the case of incomplete combustion, which is harmful to the family. 3. Try not to open the window at home. 4. You can plant some green plants at home, which can not only absorb particulate matter, but also bring people a good mood. 5. Wash thoroughly and remove the residue of PM2.5 on the body. 6. You can install an air purifier to protect our healthy life.

Finally, I hope that the smog can stay away from us soon!

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