The water purifier has less water or no water.

The water purifier has less water or no water.

After we purchase the water purifier, we will encounter some minor problems during the use. Recently, many customers have called to ask if the water purifier does not produce water or the water is very low. So, today, I will teach you some knowledge about the household water purifiers that do not have water. I hope to help everyone.

The machine itself is faulty: no matter what device, it is very normal to have problems after using it for a long time. Household water purifiers will directly affect the machine’s clean water if internal parts or malfunctions, or other internal parts are damaged. For example, water quality is turbid, water is very small, and even water is not a common thing. Solution: When we use it for half a year, it is best to check and maintain the internal parts of the machine every 2-3 months, which is responsible for the health of our drinking water. And inspection and maintenance can extend the life of the machine and internal parts. This will ensure the water output and water quality of the product.

The water of the water purifier consists of water inlets, water pipes, filters, if this is the first time the water is not used, but the installation order of the water inlet and the water and pipes is wrong, the solution: the faucet, then the water purifier Installation specifications; if there is no water or less water after a period of use, it may be the cause of the blockage of the pipe or the filter is clogged. Solution: Pipe blockage directly removes the blocked part or replaces the new water pipe; the filter blockage will filter out and replace the new filter for direct use.

Check the pipeline of the water purifier, straighten out the water purifier pipeline; check the water purifier power supply, turn on the water purifier 220V AC, if the water purifier input power is normal, check the transformer output voltage; check the high voltage switch or float switch Whether it is malfunctioning, can’t jump back; check if the water inlet solenoid valve is normal. Unscrew the solenoid valve outlet, turn on the power, check whether the water is flowing, if it does not pass water, turn to the next test; open the original water ball valve to check whether the filter element is blocked before the reverse osmosis membrane, such as blockage; if the water is passed, the solenoid valve is damaged. Check if the pressure after the booster pump has reached the required pressure. If it is lower than 0.3MPa, it needs to be replaced; open the reverse osmosis membrane pure water port, if there is no water, the reverse osmosis membrane is damaged; check whether the wastewater discharge is too large, so that the ratio of pure and wastewater is out of balance; check whether the activated carbon filter element is clogged.

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