Respiratory pain to solve indoor air pollution

Respiratory pain to solve indoor air pollution

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When it comes to air pollution, people always think of outdoor pollution such as haze and sandstorms. According to a joint Elab survey, nearly 88% of respondents believe that indoor air quality is good. But in fact, indoors is the hardest hit by air pollution, and its damage can even reach 8 times more than outdoor. According to WHO data, the number of deaths caused by indoor air pollution is as high as 3.8 million per year.
To know that the average person spends more than 80% of the time indoors every day, how can we improve indoor air quality and have a healthy breathing environment?

Olansi Healthcare Industry K15 net negative ion air purifier to the world’s five longest longevity – Guangxi Bama’s longevity environment as the basis, to Bama air as an indicator for consumers to create a Bama health micro environment, at home You can always enjoy the natural convalescence, breathing healthy, fresh air.” Olansi Healthcare Industry K15 best air filter for home set a strong natural level of negative ions, air purification, superoxide detoxification and other functions in one, breaking the existing technological bottlenecks, with no ozone, no positive, no static characteristics.

Olansi Healthcare  Industry  portable air purifier is willing to work with more families to further study and manage family indoor issues and contribute to more family health.

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