RO water reverse osmosis is life consciousness, you will be shocked when you look at it

RO water reverse osmosis is life consciousness, you will be shocked when you look at it

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But there are also many people who ask if the water purifier is useless. Is this clean water reliable?

What is the technology used by a small water purifier?

In fact, such a small water purifier has gone through decades to come to the homes of ordinary people.

Did you know that the core component of the reverse osmosis water purifier, the reverse osmosis membrane (RO membrane) is an outstanding case of modern bionics.

Did you know that the initial development of the reverse osmosis membrane cost the US government $3.16 billion.

Did you know that reverse osmosis technology was originally used only in aerospace technology, and made a significant contribution to the American Apollo mission to the moon, and then radiated to the military industry.

Did you know that reverse osmosis technology was a top secret patent for NASA?

As early as 1950, the American scientist DR.S. Sourirajan accidentally discovered that the seagull picked up a large mouthful of sea water from the sea when it was flying at sea. After a few seconds, it spit out a small mouthful of sea water. He has doubts: the animals that breathe from the lungs on land are absolutely unable to drink high-salt seawater, that
Why can seagulls drink sea water?

Seagull – reverse osmosis membrane biological prototype

The scientist took the seagull back to the laboratory and found that there was a film at the position of the seagull’s capsule, which was very precise. Seagulls use this membrane to filter seawater into potable fresh water, while seawater containing impurities and highly concentrated salt is spit out of the mouth.
This layer of mucosal tissue in the seagull’s throat is the prototype of the reverse osmosis membrane.
It is also the basic theoretical framework of the reverse Osmosis (R.O).

Drinking sea water is so confident

DR.S.Sourirajan believes that this major discovery is likely to be a major breakthrough in the way humans get access to drinking water, and immediately invested in the industrialization of the principle. The US government learned about this and invested $400 million (about 31.6 now). Funds of US$100 million were funded by Dr. S. Sidney Lode, a professor at the University of UCLA School of Medicine, in collaboration with Dr. Dr. S. Soirirajan to study reverse osmosis membranes. With the huge financial support and the efforts of many scientists, the original model of reverse osmosis membrane was born.

Reverse osmosis membrane working principle

In 1968, the technical preparations for the Apollo landing on the moon were carried out intensively. The most difficult headache was the most common water. The total water demand of personnel and equipment for the Apollo mission to the moon reached as much as 6 tons. Aerospace is a work that requires a lot of weight.
After all, astronauts have a pound more fat, and the cost of launching may be more than a million dollars, let alone tons of water…
How to recover and purify industrial wastewater, washing water and urine has become the biggest research topic. The reverse osmosis membrane technology was quickly cited in the aerospace industry.

Using reverse osmosis technology, the used sewage, including urine and other effluent, is purified and treated to become drinking standard reclaimed water, so that the spacecraft does not need to carry a large amount of drinking water to lift off, making a huge impact on the Apollo mission to the moon. contribution.

US top secret patent

The end of the multi-billion dollar investment is the reverse osmosis membrane water technology. At the time, the technology was listed as a top secret patent by NASA.
After the successful application of reverse osmosis technology in the aerospace field, it has moved to the military industry. Since 70 years, it has been equipped with American submarines, aircraft carriers and combat ships for the direct production of drinking water. In the United States, the image of reverse osmosis has been compared to “in vitro.” kidney”.

Good or bad is the actual effect, not a certain person has the final say!!

China began to introduce this technology in the early 1990s, equipped with warships and submarines. In 1992, Zhongnanhai established a reverse osmosis water plant to ensure the safety of drinking water and provide drinking water for foreign guests. From then on, reverse osmosis technology entered Xinhuamen. With the continuous development of the civil process, the water purifier has become the only choice for terminal water purification!

So you still doubt the effectiveness of the water purifier? Think that the water purifier is not reliable? This is a big mistake!
Water purification equipment is a very important part of medical, military, aviation and aerospace; without breakthroughs in water purification equipment, it is difficult to complete the span of China’s manned space flight, space station, aircraft carrier and submarine.

Many people say that these are so far away from our lives that there is no need to install a water purifier!!

The mobile phone was originally used for military purposes. Why is it now one person or even several?
In fact, the truth is in the following facts!

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