What kind of good is the household water purifier?

What kind of good is the household water purifier?

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With the improvement of living standards and the increase of environmental pollution, we are paying more attention to the safety of drinking water. More and more families are beginning to consider household water purification equipment.

Tap water problem

Tap water is mostly treated by chlorination, and secondary pollution caused by long-distance transportation of tap water pipes. Possible problems with tap water include residual chlorine, impurities, rust, heavy metals, bacteria, organic and inorganic compound pollution sources.

Boiling water can destroy most of the bacteria, but most of the other problems above can’t be solved. Of course, some people have said that it is no problem to drink water for a lifetime. It is true that we have eaten so much oil for so many years. Some of the hazards are chronic. We must look at the problem from a development perspective and allow economic ability to begin. Consider this issue.

Household water purification equipment

Water Softener. First of all, this is to exclude it. In a strict sense, the water softener does not have the effect of purifying water. Soft water refers to water that contains no or less soluble calcium and magnesium compounds. The opposite concept is hard water. Usually we boil water and there is scale, which is because the water quality is hard. Hard water does not pose a direct health hazard, but it can cause a lot of troubles in life, such as scaling on water appliances, soap and detergent cleaning efficiency.

The household water purification equipment on the market is mainly divided into two kinds of technologies, one is called ultrafiltration, and the other is called reverse osmosis or RO membrane.

Ultrafiltration filters out residual chlorine, impurities, rust and most bacteria in the water, and does not remove scale (calcium and magnesium ions) and heavy metals.

The RO membrane has the highest filtration precision and can only pass water molecules, and everything else can be solved. When filtering, electricity is needed, and there is waste water. When a pure water is obtained, a certain proportion of wastewater is generated at the same time.

If used for drinking, RO membrane filtration is the purest, so personal advice is still to choose this.

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