Sensor observation: research on new trends in domestic air purifier market

Sensor observation: research on new trends in domestic air purifier market

At present, with the continuous promotion of formaldehyde removal products and the increase in demand for new housing, air purifier products with formaldehyde screen display will further increase. At present, in the aspect of formaldehyde detection, the mainstream sensor application is an electrochemical sensor, and the mainstream application of dust detection is a laser particle sensor. Other detection contents include VOC correlation, temperature, humidity, and the like. Below, please follow the sensor expert network Xiaobian to understand the new trends of the current air purifier products, as well as the application of sensor technology.

In the case of air purifiers in addition to formaldehyde, the mainstream sensor application is electrochemical sensors.
Air purifier store, data map

In addition to formaldehyde function into a new hot spot in the air purifier market

With the improvement of China’s air quality, sales of domestic air purifiers have fallen sharply in recent years, and the industry’s prosperity has shrunk. At the same time, after experiencing explosive growth, the air purifier market as a whole began to return to rationality, which also increased sales pressure in the market. So, what is the performance of the current air purifier products?

At present, in the market, manufacturers are more focused on the promotion of formaldehyde removal. In the product identification, most products no longer use PM2.5 as the main identification object but focus on the removal of formaldehyde. In addition, in the promotion of product features, it has become more detailed and diverse. For example, at present, Super air purification products mainly use the new house to eliminate formaldehyde demand as the main promotion group, equipped with French NanoCaptur formaldehyde decomposition technology to rapidly decompose formaldehyde.

However, there are many purifier products with formaldehyde removal function on the market. But in terms of effect, there are still some differences in different products. At present, in addition to formaldehyde, there are two ways of simply adsorbing formaldehyde and decomposing formaldehyde. In contrast, products using the decomposition of formaldehyde technology are relatively more expensive.

In promoting the function of removing formaldehyde, Samsung and Yadu are also prominent. In addition to formaldehyde-enhanced products, Samsung has used two independent sensors for PM2.5 detection and odor detection to more accurately detect air quality. It is understood that the price of Samsung’s enhanced formaldehyde-removal products is currently concentrated at 2,000 to 8,000 yuan, and some products have a child lock function. At present, most of A.O. Smith’s products are equipped with formaldehyde numerical display function, and the price is concentrated at 4,000 to 10,000 yuan.

Say goodbye to the previous focus on firepower promotion in addition to PM2.5 capabilities, including virus H1N1, formaldehyde, pollen, soot, etc., have become the main selling point of air purifier products. At the same time, many products have posted various certification marks such as Chinese patent products, China environmental protection products, and AHAM.

Sensor observation: new trends in the domestic air purifier market and sensor applications in it
New air purification robot, data map

Homogenization is still the new air purification robot eye-catching

However, homogenization remains a major problem in air purification products. At present, the air purifier products on the market are mainly white and gold and the difference in appearance is not large. In terms of the air outlet, the air is vented on the two sides of the wind is driven in and out. A few products are windy on the wind.

In addition, in some air purification product stores, new air purification robots have emerged, and they are quite intelligent. These robots break the problems of traditional air purifier purification source fixation, limited purification range, low purification efficiency, etc., and are equipped with high-precision infrared ranging sensors, ultrasonic obstacle avoidance sensors, down-sight anti-drop sensors, dust sensors, and other up to 40 sensors. Breaking through the room restrictions, the robot intelligent mobile platform is combined with air purification technology to meet the multi-room purification needs.

In general, in the context of the intelligent development of electrical products, the intelligent trend of air purifier products is constantly improving. Currently, most air purifiers have Wi-Fi control and mobile APP control and smart sensing. In the future, intelligent upgrades will be the trend in the field of air purifiers. Correspondingly, sensor manufacturers can also find favorable business opportunities. At the same time, in the future, Sensor Expert Network will continue to pay attention to the domestic air purifier market and new trends in sensor applications, so stay tuned.

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