Should the cleansing device not be used?

Should the cleansing device not be used?

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In recent years, the cleansing instrument has become popular in the skin care industry, with thousands of movements and few hundred, and various functions have been blown into the sky. Let the sisters feel that life must have an expensive cleansing instrument. Should the cleansing instrument should be so touted? What is the principle of it?

First of all, first open the door, simply do not advocate the use of cleansing instrument to wash your face. Stick to makeup remover every night and use facial cleanser. The hands are enough to clean the skin, don’t over-clean!

Why do I say this? You can understand the principle of the cleansing instrument. Its marketing points are mainly four:

Sound wave

The sonic cleansing instrument sounds like an amazing technology. Why do people think that sound waves have a clean effect? Because the sound wave can indeed have a cleaning effect, there is a special sonic cleaner that uses the sound energy to vibrate the deposited dust particles to achieve the dust removal effect. There are two important points in it, which are the deposition of dust and the need for a certain amount of time. We can’t clean the dust with the sonic cleansing instrument in just a few tens of seconds, let alone the pores cleaned like the propaganda. If you only want to get rid of the dust on the surface, it is more than enough to use our hardworking hands.

Microfiber brush head

Many people decide that the quality of a brush head cleansing device will directly look at the surface. It is good to think that the brush head is fine enough to be soft enough. The propaganda point of the super-fiber brush head is nothing more than the brush head is fine enough to penetrate our pores to remove the blackheads. Isn’t this a bully? I don’t know the knowledge? Directly related to the formation of blackheads and whiteheads is the hair follicle. The hair follicle on our skin is only about 0.03 mm, and our hair follicles are not open to you waiting for cleaning. See if we are superfine fiber bristles, and then judge it. Do not have this feature.

Silicone brush head

In addition to the brush cleansing instrument, there is also a cleansing instrument that is a silicone cleansing instrument. The biggest publicity point of the silicone cleansing instrument is to remove the aged cuticle. First of all, are you sure you have such a thick cuticle for you to remove? Even some sisters can’t resist the cleansing device, use it once a day or even sooner or later, which is a proper over-cleaning. The stratum corneum is our good friend. If you remove the stratum corneum every day, you won’t feel your skin damaged overnight, but one day, you will find that your face can’t even stand the wind of 0.5.

High frequency vibration or rotation

This is actually not a great publicity point. It is a process of simulating our hand cleaning, but it speeds up the frequency, and the vibration does not help our dirt to shake out from the pores. Therefore, cleaning by hand is the same, no need to use the cleansing instrument. On the contrary, the high-frequency vibration and rotation of the cleansing device can easily damage our skin. If you are a acne muscle, inflammation can be found at any time.

Then why do some people think that the cleansing device is easy to use?

There are three main reasons:

  1. The peeling of the stratum corneum, the skin after washing is obviously white.
  2. Its own cleaning is not serious enough. The high frequency vibration of the cleansing instrument can really help to clean. However, the long-term use of the cleansing instrument even produces dependence, it must be a bad thing!
  3. Psychological effect, I feel that the expensive products must work well.

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