Static electricity: sparks of interest

Static electricity: sparks of interest

Door handles and other metal objects scratched on the head and attached to the wall of the balloon, when the hair itself upright, the unexpected small vibration is generated by static electricity when approaching, but when two objects touch or friction occurs.

With static electricity

Each substance consists of molecules, each with small atoms, including positively charged protons, neutral neutrons, and negatively charged electrons. When two different substances are arranged side by side, electrons begin to jump from one substance to another.

Static electricity occurs when a substance becomes positive (if it loses electrons) and negative (if there are more electrons) by increasing or decreasing electrons, and the accumulated charge is called static electricity. Insulating materials, such as plastics, can be charged by friction because they are easily accessible or lose electrons.

In 600 B.C., the Greek philosopher Thales observed that some combinations of materials produced sparks more easily than others. Far from rubbing objects on the list can generate more electric charge than nearby objects, such as charging scarves by wiping glass panels with a silk scarf. It’s like a magnet.

When you wear wool carpets and leather shoes, your shoes absorb extra electronics from the carpet at every step. When you lift your feet off the ground, Electronics will spread to your whole body. Next time you wear carpets, there are no additional electronics on your shoes, but there are no additional electronics in your camera, but the types are different.

Todd Hubing of the EMC Laboratory at Lola University, Missouri, said: “If you keep walking on the floor, electrons will fill up.” Given that the normal power outlet on the wall has only about 100 volts of electricity, it’s a serious power source within reach.

Actual use of static electricity

Dust removal: Several kinds of equipment can remove dust in the air, such as air purifier with electrostatic charge can change the charge of dust particles, so that they adhere to the filter of the purifier with opposite charge. This effect is also used in industrial chimneys to reduce pollution. It is basically the same as a household air purifier.

Photocopier: The copier uses static electricity to attract ink to areas requiring information to be copied, but only applies ink to dark areas (usually text and other information) of the paper to be copied. It is not a place where the paper is not white. This process is called electrostatic copying.

Automobile Paint: Substances containing substances are immersed into the metal body of the static car body to protect the metal interior of the car so that the paint on the car is uniform, fast and weatherproof. Yes, the paint is negatively charged.

This process ensures a uniform coating, because basically when the paint is in the car, the extra paint will be rejected by the paint in the car.

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