The air purifier has greatly promoted growth in the middle of the year.

The air purifier has greatly promoted growth in the middle of the year.

“Poverty is thinking”, in the home appliance industry, the category of air purifiers needs to be like this.
In the past year, the air purifier market has been “difficult”: Aowei cloud network data shows that the net market size in 2018 was 11.67 billion yuan, down 28.0% year-on-year, and online retail sales fell 25.7% year-on-year. The year-on-year decline was 33.4%.
In this context, the air purifier brand has made two choices to stimulate user demand: one is to complement the function, and the other is to conduct more targeted market education. Judging from the results of the 618 promotion, the practice is more effective.
The online monitoring data of Aowei Cloud Network shows that during the 618 periods of 2019, the market value of purifiers was 540 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 48.6%, and the sales volume was 329,000 units, an increase of 55.7%.
Since the fall of the industry in 2017, the net has a good performance in the middle of this year, or related to the following:
Market pattern change
After 2018, the demand has declined, the price war has become fierce, some small and medium-sized brands have withdrawn from the market, and the repeated quality problems have caused market share to concentrate on the head brands. This Matthew effect will be further released, making it possible for the head brand to launch better products.
Market education guidance
As the brand shifts its focus to “except for cockroaches”, consumers are also turning their attention from removing mites to removing formaldehyde.
Nail Technology found that searching for air purifiers on e-commerce websites, followed by the words “except formaldehyde” appearing in the search bar; in addition, it can also be seen that products with higher overall ordering, many products are emphasized in the description. In addition to the formaldehyde function.
In addition to this, the brand is also free to try and other methods, so that consumers have an understanding of the functions of the air purifier in addition to sputum.
However, we must also see that in addition to formaldehyde is only a point of the capacity of the air purifier, the future industry wants to continue to develop, but also to continue to meet the changing needs of users. In Nail Technology’s view, eliminating “allergens” or a viable direction, of course, technology should be implemented, not a concept of hype.

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