The water purifier “water” is very deep? A text teaches you to buy easily

The water purifier “water” is very deep? A text teaches you to buy easily

The proportion of water in the human body is about 70% of its body weight. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day can promote the metabolism of the body and keep away from many diseases. But if you drink “dirty water” in your stomach, wouldn’t you drink “poison”? Still, talk about staying away from the disease, it is simply embracing the disease!

If you drink water that contains impurities, hard water or contains heavy metals for a long time, it will cause great harm to your health. Light water with poor drinking water may cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, scale in the pot, and cause stone disease, kidney disease and other diseases caused by heavy metals.

In order to protect the quality of drinking water in the home, the existence of water purifiers is particularly important.

Water purifier purchase

Regarding the purchase of water purifiers, it is important to clarify the needs and choose the questions in the table below.

For barrel or no bucket

For the limited space under the kitchen, and hope that the cabinet can still store as much as possible, it is more suitable to choose a bucketless water purifier. If there is no rigid demand for the kitchen space, there is also a bucket type.

Generally speaking, the freshwater of the water purifier has a shelf life of about 48 hours. If the water is too long, the water will deteriorate. Because the purified water contacts the bacteria in the air, it will multiply quickly in the water at a normal temperature. In a relatively closed, non-flowing environment, bacteria can multiply faster.

Whether it is from the storage space, the freshness of the water, or the frequency of water use, no bucket is preferred.

Water demand

The more family members, the faster the required water purification speed requirements, and the faster the water production rate, the more the water-saving time cost can be saved.

Filter selection

One thing drops one thing, the brine points tofu. The appropriate filter element can be selected to remove the impurities and contamination in the corresponding water.

There may be residual chlorine, rust, sediment, bacteria, viruses, antibiotics, calcium and magnesium ions, heavy metals and other pollutants in the tap water. Although it has been resistant for many years, direct drinking will cause discomfort to the body. RO reverse osmosis mask is one of the most important ones, and it can effectively remove heavy metals in water compared with “ultrafiltration” and “microfiltration”.

Filter system selection

RO reverse osmosis membrane is the most important one in the filter element. The presence of other pre-filter elements can also reduce the working pressure for the RO reverse osmosis filter element, thus prolonging the service life. It is more reassuring to choose a filter system with more than 3 filter elements.

Intelligent control system integration

The old-fashioned water purifier needs to manually remove and clean the filter element to prolong the service life. The water purifier of the intelligent cleaning system is added, and the automatic air interior is self-cleaning, no need to manually remove and clean, and the efficiency is higher, and the water is cleaned.

Choice of wastewater ratio

Nowadays, the water purifier on the market, the wastewater ratio is generally between 1:1 and 2:1, and the wastewater ratio is 3:1, which saves water resources while saving water.

Confirm purchase

After a combination of several elements has been locked, the requirements have been determined, and the products available for their own choice are ready to go.

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