How to clean and maintain the air purifier filter

How to clean and maintain the air purifier filter

Everyone knows that air purifiers purify air pollution, mainly relying on the built-in purification filter. When the air purifier works for a period of time, the internal filter network will collect a lot of dust and bacteria, which will not only affect your health, but also affect the life of the filter, so pay attention to cleaning and maintenance. As for how to do it, let’s share with you some tips on how to clean and maintain the air purifier filter.
Air purifier filter cleaning tool / raw materials: water, rag, sunlight,

Air purifier filter cleaning steps

1. The front filter of the air purifier is generally responsible for filtering the dander, and the large particles can be cleaned with a rag or even washed according to the material requirements of the pre-filter. Or the vacuum cleaner removes the dust. When using the vacuum cleaner, be careful not to stick the suction port on the filter screen and keep a certain distance.

2, the main filter part needs to get the sun under the sun regularly, not only can prevent moisture and better maintain the filter adsorption and decomposition ability. Washing is not recommended unless otherwise stated.
Activated carbon filter: According to the frequency of use and pollution status, it is usually cleaned once every 1-2 months, and exposed for more than 24 hours, which helps to restore the active adsorption capacity of activated carbon itself.
HEPA filter: You can use a vacuum cleaner to absorb dust from the surface. It is usually cleaned once every 1-2 months, and the timing of cleaning can also be judged based on the accumulated usage time. If you find that the original white filter is black, be sure to replace it as soon as possible. Be careful not to scratch the surface of the filter.
Photocatalyst, cold catalyst: choose to dry by air
3. Deodorizing filter screen, if it has reached the technical level of water washing, it can maintain the purification efficiency by washing with water and shorten the cycle of changing the filter.
4. The ion generator is generally built-in and does not need to be cleaned. The better ionizer has higher working efficiency.

Air Purifier Maintenance Guide
1. Choose an appropriate place to place the air purifier, air circulation, and no obstructions around it. Do not put it in the corner. Do not approach water or flammable materials during use, and do not block objects from entering or exiting the air when in use.
2. Regularly check whether the power supply line is in good condition to ensure safe and good operation.
3, air purifier air inlet, the shell is easy to accumulate dust, should be wiped regularly with a damp cloth, but do not use gasoline, banana water, and other organic solvents to scrub, so as not to damage the general plastic shell. When the air purifier is in operation, do not approach its air inlet, where air pollution is relatively serious.

4. The air purifier is the same as the electric fan. After working for a period of time, when there is more dust on the fan, motor, and sensor, it should be cleared. Usually one quarter of cleaning and maintenance. You can refer to the instructions for proper disposal of dust and cleaning and maintenance of the odor sensor.
5. When the air purifier is not used, the filter should be cleaned, aired and dried, then put into the box and stored in a ventilated and dry place.
In the winter when air pollution is frequent, I hope that the air purifier filter can be cleaned and maintained.

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