What are the drawbacks of installing a water purifier at home? Advantages and disadvantages of water purifier

What are the drawbacks of installing a water purifier at home? Advantages and disadvantages of

water purifier

The tap water that is usually consumed is subject to secondary pollution. Whether it is a new one or not, secondary pollution cannot be avoided, so the water purifier slowly begins to become a must for drinking water. Do you need to install a water purifier at home? What are the drawbacks of installing a top-rated water purifier at home?

Do you need to install a water purifier?

1. Look: Use a glass with a high transparency to fill a glass of water, and look at the light to see if there are any fine substances suspended in the water.

2. Smell: Use a glass to pick up a glass of water as far as possible from the faucet, then smell it with your nose and see if it has the taste of bleach.

3. Taste: Drink boiled water and taste the presence or absence of bleach.

4. View: Use tap water to make tea. After the night, observe whether the tea is black. If the tea turns black, it means that the iron and manganese in the tap water are seriously exceeded.

5. Check: Check the water heater at home, open the kettle, and whether there is a layer of yellow scale on the inner wall. Water with too high hardness can easily cause scaling of the water heater pipe, which is caused by poor heat exchange; long-term consumption of water with too high hardness is easy to cause various stone diseases.

Benefits of installing a hot sale water purifier

1. Solve the secondary pollution of tap water

After the tap water is disinfected by chlorine gas, it can kill viruses and bacteria, but it cannot remove heavy metals and volatile substances.

2. A better alternative to bottled water

A barrel of water is about 8 to 16 yuan, the cost is high, and the shelf life of the bottled water is short. It is open after being connected with the water dispenser and is easily contaminated by pollutants in the air.

3. Unlike bottled water, which is extremely expensive

Bottled water costs are high, and it is clean water, lacking trace elements and minerals. Long-term drinking is not suitable for human health, and its effect may not be like a water purifier.

4. Meet the standard of raw drinks, the cost is lower

Type of household water purifier

1. Household pipeline ultrafiltration water purifier

Advantages: easy to install, no space, large amount of water, of which the ultrafiltration water purifier can be installed in the main water pipe, the whole house can be purified with water. And no need to receive electricity, it can be used after installation.

Disadvantages: The single-cylinder filter water purifier cannot guarantee the filtration effect, and it is not suitable for direct drinking.

Suitable for: households with large kitchen water needs for kitchen cooking, fort soup, and washing vegetables.

2.RO reverse osmosis water purifier – pure water machine

Advantages: It adopts box design and wall-mounted installation, which is beautiful and high-grade. The filtering function is stronger than the pipeline water purifier. It has 4 or 5 or more filter elements for filtering. The filtration is more thorough, and the impurities and various pollutions in the water can be completely removed. The filtration can reach the nanometer level.

Disadvantages: It needs to consume a certain amount of electric energy, occupying more space, more waste water, and less water.

Suitable for: families who are pursuing high-quality life and strong health awareness.

3. Household net drink one water purifier

Advantages: no need to install, easy to move and relocate, can be directly consumed. The lower half of the water purifier is a water dispenser with its own heating and cooling function.

Disadvantages: It is only suitable for family drinking. It is not suitable for household use. It needs to be added manually.

Suitable for: the water quality of the kitchen is not high, only the family with high drinking water quality.

4. Faucet small water purifier

Advantages: Small size, light weight; easy to install; cheap.

Disadvantages: Only filter impurities such as sediment and heavy metals in tap water, which need to be cleaned frequently.

Suitable for: For families who are renting out (not for long-term use), they are easy to disassemble and take away at any time.

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