What is a fruit and vegetable machine?

What is a fruit and vegetable machine?

Recently reported cadmium rice incidents and a series of waxed apples and temperatures previously exposed
Problems such as strawberry sprayed by pesticides in the room, once again put serious food safety issues on me and so on.
In front of the people. I used to say that eating fruit should eat skin, and the nutritional value of the peel is also high. Now?
Do you dare to eat the peel? Pesticide residues on the surface of fruits and vegetables, air pollution, heavy metals, etc.
If the substance cannot be completely removed, it will cause unimaginable harm to our health. I
They will increase the dosage of vegetable and fruit cleansing agents and even wash the soaked vegetables for a long time with salt water.
If so, can it really ensure that the fruits and vegetables are cleaned more thoroughly? Like the cause of psychological comfort
More. So, is there a product that can help us solve the residual problem of pesticides such as fruits and vegetables?
Question? May look at the fruit and vegetable machine.

What is a fruit and vegetable machine?
Fruit and vegetable machine is also called fruit and vegetable purifier or fruit and vegetable washing machine, fruit and vegetable detoxification machine, which means utilization
Electric performance, different cleaning, disinfection and anti-virus functions are placed in the machine, mainly for cleaning vegetables
Products that have the function of sterilization and detoxification such as vegetables, fruits, meat, and baby bottles. According to related sections
Experiments have shown that fruits and vegetables can effectively remove pesticides from vegetables and fruits, which will be harmful to humans.
The substance is effectively decomposed to achieve a safe eating standard. Even if we think
Many “scientific experiments” are not credible, but this stuff is indeed more than increasing the dose of fruit and vegetable detergents.
Other methods can make us more psychologically comforted.


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