Why can someone find the right air purifier? Reason all in this.

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As the saying goes, why is someone else’s home better than us? This is what we have been discussing the problem, in our lives, everywhere revealed that such a problem, in fact, we do not go too much to chase something good or bad, for their own business we need. Take the air purifier, many people use different brands of air purifier, will naturally produce a comparison, and put them in the rankings, and even these have become talked about others talked about. The so-called other people’s products better than our, in fact, the role of their own heart, as long as we understand their own needs, it will not produce this feeling. In order to solve this problem, Guang Lei also summed up a set of appropriate purchase method.

First: starting from the purification needs. The current air purifier, mostly based on various types of pollutants in air pollution, uses different kinds of targeted purification technology to ensure more efficient purification of indoor air, so want to know which type of air purifier purification type Is the most suitable for their own use, we must first clear the target pollutants to consult manufacturers, businesses, identify “the right medicine” air purifier products.


Second: according to local weather options. If you are in the area of ​​air pollution is more serious, and often haze, it is recommended to buy some high-end air purifier products, especially multiple filter type air purifier, to ensure the effective purification efficiency of air purifier.

Third: according to their own affordable price level choice. Air purifier is not the cheaper the better, nor the more expensive the better, the most suitable is the best, which also contains the consumer can bear the price range of the product, if the economic capacity is limited, the proposed purchase price Affordable products.

Finally, the purchase of air purifier should not lose the most basic standards or principles of the product, that is, product certification, the new national standard air purifier “three high and one low” of the indicators are consumers need to consciously To control.

And what is particularly important is that you have to understand what type of air purifier you need, what is the main source of pollution that is currently contaminated, so that it can be done with a multiplier effect depending on the amount of pollution source.

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