How much influence does pesticide residues in vegetables have on the human body?

How much influence does pesticide residues in vegetables have on the human body?

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Agricultural products are the necessary source of human growth, and their quality is directly related to human health. So, how much influence does the pesticide residue of vegetables that people generally care about have on the human body? In fact, everyone has their own detoxification function, especially for adults. The usual small amount of pesticides on vegetables or accidental consumption of vegetables will not cause any impact, and the probability of sudden poisoning is relatively small, but if it is long-term consumption, Vegetables such as residual pesticides are also extremely harmful to human health.

Harm to the body: If the vegetables with residual pesticides are consumed more, the following hazards will be caused to the human body:
1. The immunity is reduced. If people eat vegetables with residual pesticides for a long time, the residual pesticide components will directly affect the nervous system through the absorption of blood, causing the resistance of some organs of the body to decrease, which usually causes the mind to feel dizzy and palpitations. Symptoms such as decreased sleep quality;
2, carcinogenic, residual pesticides, vegetables, etc., more or less will contain a small amount of chemical ingredients, will affect human cell cancer;
3, damage to the liver, the liver plays a role in understanding the poison and detoxification in the human organs. If the residual pesticide needs to be decomposed or detoxified for a long time, it will undoubtedly increase the workload of the liver, and the long time will inevitably damage the liver;
4. Gastrointestinal diseases. When eating vegetables such as pesticides and agricultural products, the residual pesticides will accumulate in the wall pleats on the gastrointestinal tract, causing abdominal pain or nausea.

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