What are the effects of so many types of activated carbon filter cartridges?

What are the effects of so many types of activated carbon filter cartridges?

Urban pipeline pollution and pollution from major lakes have accelerated the development of water purifiers, the core of water purifiers, when the heat is its “core.” Whether it is a pure water machine or an ultrafiltration machine, it has a large number of cores, especially the activated carbon inside, which has different functions. What is the role of these water purifier activated carbon filters? Let us look at them one by one!

First, the role of PP fiber melt-blown filter

The tap water is pretreated, and the sediment, suspended matter, colloid, impurities, etc. in the water are filtered out, the filtering area and the amount of dirt is large, the filtering effect is good, and the service life is long.

Second, the role of granular activated carbon filter

It uses high-quality coconut shell activated carbon to absorb substances harmful to the human body such as color, odor, residual chlorine, halogenated hydrocarbons and organic substances in water.

Activated carbon filter

Third, the role of compressed activated carbon filter

It deeply absorbs the harmful substances in the water, such as color, odor, halogenated hydrocarbons, and organic substances, and effectively improves the taste of the water. The long-life compressed activated carbon rod and the high dirt-absorbent mesh structure give the filter element a dual-function filtration performance.

Then come to the science of activated carbon:

Activated carbon is a specially treated charcoal with numerous fine pores and a large surface area with a surface area of ​​500-1500 square meters per gram of activated carbon. Activated carbon has a strong physical adsorption and chemical adsorption function, which can effectively filter harmful substances. It is the use of its huge area to adsorb harmful substances in the micropores of activated carbon, thus preventing harmful substances from being absorbed by the human body in the water.

Advantages of activated carbon filter:

1, no desorption, no secondary pollution

Many people know that the fear that the water purifier they bought cannot achieve the goal of completely purifying the water source will cause secondary pollution. This can be described as “losing the wife and folding the soldiers.” Because the filter element used in the general water purifier is the granular activated carbon used. The granular activated carbon collides and collides with each other due to the impact of the water flow so that the filtered water becomes black, and at the same time, the already adsorbed pollutants are released again to form secondary pollution. However, the activated carbon rod filter will not, the activated carbon rod after the specific process, in addition to a little black water when used for the first time, there will be no signs of black water in the subsequent use, not because of adsorption And the formation of secondary pollution.

Activated carbon filter principle

2, dual function

The filter element of the ordinary hot sale water purifier adopts granular activated carbon, but the granular activated carbon is only the function of adsorption, and the activated carbon rod filter has not only good adsorption effect but also relatively large volume impurities due to its own rich and tortuous micropores. The role of interception, so it can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

3, high removal efficiency, no waste

When the filter element of granular activated carbon is used in the process, when the water flow passes through instantly, it can only contact the surface of the activated carbon particles, and most of the inside can not be used in contact, which causes great waste; and after grinding it into ultra-fine powder, it is made into a rod-shaped product. The specific surface area will increase, the adsorption micropores will also increase greatly, and each part of the activated carbon can be in full contact with the water flow, which is advantageous for use and filtration.

4, filter no dead ends

The filter element of granular activated carbon has a large gap between the particles, which makes the contact between activated carbon and water flow insufficient, which affects the filtration effect of the top-rated room water purifiers itself. However, the micropores of the activated carbon rod filter element are evenly twisted so that each drop can be The activated carbon is in full contact to improve the filtration performance of the water purifier.

5, a wide range of uses

The granular activated carbon filter has a single action and is rarely used in combination with other filter materials, and the activated carbon powder can be mixed with a plurality of functional filter powders to form a rod-shaped functional filter element, and the water quality is removed in a targeted manner.

The water purifier activated carbon filter plays a big role in the water purifier. We must not underestimate it! However, we must choose the regular water purifier brand replacement when changing!

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